Thursday, August 11, 2011

Equinix mulls Melbourne data centre


>>Data centre provider Equinix is mulling construction of a Melbourne facility in response to growing demand from customers at its Sydney 1 (SY1) and Sydney 2 (SY2) facilities.


“In the Asia Pacific [our priorities] are China, India, Melbourne and Osaka,” he said. “Osaka is no surprise. After the Japan earthquake the government is very keen to make Osaka the second financial and commercial capital of the county.

“We continue to hear lots of our customers in Sydney asking for Melbourne. When we track the capital movements there is a significant amount of money going into Melbourne. We also hear that the cost of doing business in Melbourne is relatively lower.”


Lee said the decision to assess a Melbourne data centre was based on its global strategy of selecting facilities based on their presence in “tier one” cities and based on customer requests for new services.

Lee defined tier one cities as those that have high GDP growth and levels of internet infrastructure and that act as financial hubs.

Based on this approach the company was also considering launching new facilities in Johannesburg, Dublin, Moscow, Madrid, Dubai, Stockholm, Istanbul, and Prague.

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