Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Semtech – Ground-breaking touchscreen technology goes beyond X, Y, Z – to pressure

Analog and mixed-signal semiconductor specialist, Semtech, has announced a new ground-breaking 4D-Touch touchscreen controller platform designed to bring out the best user experiences by enabling the capability to sense in the X, Y, Z+ (proximity), and Z- (pressure) directions in many touch-interface applications including smart phones, tablets, handheld GPS, automotive consoles, and POS terminals.

The innovative touch devices integrate a proximity detection feature that gives OEMs the ability to introduce a new type of sensing experience to their products well before a user even touches the device. This high resolution capacitive proximity sensing is implemented with Semtech’s proprietary analog front-end design, which enables detection from a long distance as well as sensing through thick overlays and materials with low permittivity. This key differentiator in touch sensing will enhance the user experiences across a wide variety of applications.

Immersion Corporation has certified the SX8657/58 as optimal motor drivers for its TouchSense® 3000 haptic control software suite of haptic waveforms available to all customers via an Immersion license.

"The SX8654 family is a ground-breaking platform for resistive touchscreen applications. By enabling built-in proximity sensing using any resistive panel, Semtech has added especially expensive high-end features at the fraction of the cost of traditional IR proximity sensing," said Sam Massih, Product Line Director, Consumer Analog Products for Semtech. "Combining that with direct drive haptics feedback, the SX8654 platform provides OEMs an opportunity to revolutionize and upgrade almost all their resistive touchscreen applications with value added features."

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