Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hyundai introduces Blue Link® telematics system


>>Hyundai said its Intelligent Haptic System, inspired by Apple’s iPod, is applied to major controllers to help control vehicle functions with tactual feedback and LED-based visual feedback. The next-generation intelligent control system is said to improve a driver’s concentration, to enhance safety.

The Intelligent Haptic System consists of 1) the Lumino Haptic Console Switch, a driver seat’s main controller with haptic and lumino functions, 2) the Haptic Steering Wheel Switch, a haptic function switch on the steering wheel, and 3) the Haptic Touch Screen, an LCD touch screen with dashboard switches.

The Lumino Haptic Console Switch is the vehicle’s main controller and allows the driver to concentrate on driving while controlling all the major functions with tactual feedback for the entire hand. LEDs around the switch provide visual feedback (lumino function) with various menu tree-based colors.

With the Haptic Steering Wheel Switch, the user can use his/her thumb to control air conditioning, phone, media and other functions just like they do with the iPod.

The Haptic Touch Screen is a resistive touch screen, which uses pressure by a finger on the LCD screen and provides icons for dashboard switches.

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