Saturday, September 1, 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Features: 5 Reasons Why the New Larger Screen Could Be a Game-changer

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>>5) Advanced Haptics: This feature may be a long-shot to make it to the iPhone 5, but if Apple managed to pull this one off, this next iPhone could be the best smartphone experience ever created.
By making the phone's screen process thinner and stronger, Apple could potentially implement one of its patents for a new haptics feedback system, which would allow users to physically interact with their content by touching it -- an experience which would be accomplished with sensors and actuators working simultaneously.
Apple's multi-tiered system is extremely sophisticated: Using several layers of elastic screens stacked on top of each other, Apple's screen can produce 3D buttons or objects to interact with, as well as give texture to images, like topographical maps, but only when they're needed. This technology is currently being explored by another company, Tactus Technology, which created a video to explain how it all works.

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