Thursday, December 6, 2012

Auto Haptic Widget

This widget is designed to address an issue with certain Galaxy S III handsets that have updated to Jellybean. Users who have not upgraded to Jelly Bean do not need to install this application, as the Auto Haptic Feature can be managed through the standard device settings (Settings/Sound/Auto Haptic).

Auto Haptic allows users to automatically incorporate low-power tactile effects in downloaded applications to enhance mobile gaming. With the recent update to Jelly Bean some handsets have lost the “Settings” menu controls for the Auto Haptic feature. This widget is a universal ON/OFF control for Auto Haptic which allows users to enable or disable tactile effects for all downloadable applications. After installing this widget, please reboot your device.

This Auto Haptic widget does not impact the tactile effect settings for other device functionality, such as alerts and keyboard tactile feedback.

It is anticipated that the “Settings” menu will be restored with full functionality to enable Auto Haptic at an application level in a future OS update from carriers. At that time, this widget will no longer be needed.
The widget is not yet available for the recent Jelly Bean update on AT&T. We are currently testing for AT&T, and will provide an update shortly.

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