Monday, January 26, 2009

ColoGuys Broadens Network with New Connection to Internap

ColoGuys, Inc., a private data facility offering Dedicated Servers, Colocation services, and Web hosting, announced today it has added a new transit connection to Internap, a leading provider of fully-redundant and reliable Internet connectivity and infrastructure solutions.

Internap’s unique multi-carrier intelligent routing technology, which uses Private Network Access Points (P-NAPs), optimizes the speed of Internet traffic between end users datacenters. The technology provides key advantages to ColoGuys and its clients, which rely on world-class data transit to meet their business needs.

"We are committed to our clients’ success and this is another important step in our on-going pursuit to provide the very latest technology to the companies that depend on us. We seek to provide the optimal connectivity to our clients and we hope this investment will accomplish these goals," said Jon Montroll, president and CEO of ColoGuys.

The Internap connection will offer an additional 10GB of added capacity and allow ColoGuys greater connectivity to North America, Europe, and Asia.

All ColoGuys customers are automatically are able to utilize the new connection with Internap. Customers may also request their traffic to be handled exclusively through the Internap network. In addition to Internap, ColoGuys carries connectivity with Level 3 and Global Crossing.

ColoGuys plans to add additional data transit capacity as needed to satisfy increased demand and network requirements.

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