Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Remote Touch

from Motor Authority:

>>2010 Lexus RX first drive

So color me surprised when I actually found some really interesting new features in the RX - most notably a new control interface for a new navigation and information system, called Remote Touch. This is the real highlight of the new RX, and will soon be found in other Lexus vehicles, including the all-new HS 250h.

Design and Materials
Effectively combining the functionality of a mouse and a trackball, the Remote Touch system allows comfortable and intuitive use of the relocated navigation (on equipped models) or audio/entertainment display. The move away from a touchscreen format allows the panel to be placed closer to the driver’s line of sight, which is a welcome change, while the easy-access control unit keeps the driver’s hand close to - though not on - the wheel.

The Remote Touch input device makes for a truly intuitive experience
The best feature of the new Remote Touch unit is its haptic response system. Instead of having to pay close visual attention to the buttons and on-screen items, the system recognizes these features and provides resistance through the Remote Touch unit itself, giving a tactile sense of where the cursor is on the screen. With minimal familiarization, one can then operate the system without even looking at the screen for certain routine tasks. When the Lexus Enform telematics system becomes integrated with the navigation system of the first vehicles in the second half of this year, the control interface will have even more uses and benefits, though it's not yet clear which models will get the Enform system first.

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