Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Equinix, Sydney Power Outage?

this is taken from a blog post, and there's not much info about the author. It is somehow strange to see a picture attached, as cameras shouldn't be allowed inside Equinix centers.

>>Yesterday there was almost a very serious incident at Equinix’s datacenter in Sydney. Whenever I am there, there seems to be someone under the flooring doing some sort of cleaning. However, they have recently expanded their on site floorspace, so this could be related to their expansion.

I would assume that whilst they are under the flooring, they would be doing some sort of maintenance and checking, obviously scheduled for each area - being a rather large datacenter. I would also assume that the extensive power circuts which run around the place are also monitored, mapped and power is assigned to cabinets accordingly. Oh how wrong I am.

Yesterday whilst working at Equinix, simultaneously whilst i plugged in the KVM to a server, our row of cabinets suddenly lost connectivity, so Here’s me thinking I have somehow unplugged something that should never be unplugged. After some quick trouble shooting, I found out that all of our equipment was in fact, fine. However, our uplink was dead.

I went over to our upstream providers cabinets, only to notice that all equipment in the cabinets was off and no lights were on. It turns out 15 cabinets had completely lost power. Equinix staff started crawling around, finding out where the problem is, And discovered this:

Equinix Breaker

Equinix Fried Breaker

They had been running 15 Cabinets of equipment off only 1 x 63Amp breaker which was last tested: 17/12/2000

Safe as F#*$ !!

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