Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Moving Digg

from the Digg blog:

>>Our goals were to find a space with the same (or better) ample power

and cooling as our current facility; to find a space with plenty of
room we could expand into as Digg grows; and to make sure the people
who ran the facility are as competent as we are used to with our
current datacenter provider, Equinix. Perhaps, not surprisingly, we
found all these fulfilled in another, newly-renovated Equinix
facility! (Okay, the ops team is going to chide me for the use of the
bang (!) but I felt it warranted. : P)

Our cage in the new facility has room, power and cooling for 40
cabinets worth of servers, with easy expansion to twice that number.
The amount of power we can draw per cabinet has also increased by
roughly 50%. Also, we’ve taken the opportunity to upgrade some of our
hardware to new dual, quad-core Intel-based systems, that use
marginally more power but provide twice the computing power over our
current configuration.

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