Sunday, August 9, 2009

Internap Company-controlled data center data

Internap has just announced (without any detail on the locations...) its intention to invest an additional $ 50 million in its own Company-controlled data centers.

A quick look at a Q/Q comparison - quotes from Seeking Alpha conference call transcripts, emphasis added:
  • 1Q 2009 conference call
  • George Kilguss - CFO
  • Since the first quarter of 2008, the company has deployed 40,000 of company-controlled build-outs square footage and 17,000 square feet in partner sites. Historically, approximately 80% of company-controlled and 90% of partner sites build-out space is available to sale to customers.
  • In the first quarter, off the 99,000 square feet of build-out space at partner sites, 86,000 was occupied. In company-controlled sites 87,000 square feet was occupied compared with 144,000 square feet build-out. Our Boston and Seattle markets have been among our strongest company-controlled facilities from the demand perspective.
  • 2Q 2009 conference call
  • George Kilguss
  • So, in our partner data centers, in the second quarter, we had approximately 106,000 built out square feet, of which 90,000 square feet was occupied and our company controlled data centers we had approximately 144,000 square feet of built out and about 86,000 occupied.
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