Friday, January 14, 2011

Hi-tech tumour centre planned in Bahrain


>>A high-tech centre treating all types of tumours is to be established in Bahrain by the end of March, it emerged yesterday.

It will specialise in non-invasive robotic radiation therapy for cancer and neurosurgery, said officials.

The CyberKnife surgery technology is designed to treat tumours anywhere in the body with pinpoint accuracy.

It uses a high level of radiation and there is no need for incision or anaesthesia, treating all types of tumours including ones that have previously been diagnosed as inoperable.

The centre will be run by Health Care Global, which is based in Bangalore, India.

It has 1,550 beds in 22 centres in South Asia and has been using the technology for the last 18 months, but CyberKnife technology has been used in the US for the past 11 years.

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