Saturday, January 15, 2011

NXT changes name to HiWave Technologies

NXT, the pioneer of flat speakers and haptic touch technology, has changed its name to HiWave Technologies.

"In today’s world of converged consumer electronics and control systems, end-users need to employ all their senses to optimise the experience," says james lewis, HiWave CEO, "audio cues, voice prompts and tactile feedback each enhance the user’s productivity. Consumers also deserve the best in audio entertainment, and HiWave’s technology enables compelling user-experience at an affordable price."

The change reflects the company’s transition to be a developer and vendor of components and modules that exploit its patented Bending Wave Technology.

HiWave is targeting the markets requiring a high quality human interface - including hand-held computing and telecommunications, computer-centric music, automotive entertainment and control systems, and industrial and home automation.

The company has appointed a new non-executive chairman Dr David Bramwell.

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