Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Korea's 9th CK at Seoul National University

from the IV MB, by yyy60:

>>** Google translation is terrible. All I can understand is they are going to introduce CK at Seoul National University, probably in Samsung Medical Center in Seoul.

** translated from Korean **

Big 4 hospital 7,000,000,000 great Cyberknife introduction


Ah San, Severance decision, Seoul National University, the Cyberknife where Samsung plan

[cookie healthy] Seoul Ah San hospital and the Severance hospital are robot radiation operation system (Accuray) introduces. The Seoul National University hospital and Samsung Seoul as well introduction became known that
is in the process of propelling. With the corresponding 6,500,000 dollar is an expensive equipment which reaches to about 7,200,000,000 won as Hanhwa.

Cyberknife end like that is a knife but is an operation which is not hemorrhage. The brain, the vertebra and the prostate, provides the non-getting wet cure which substitutes the cancerous characteristic which occurs from the pancreas etc. body all region and a non-cancerous characteristic tumor operation. Specially 3 nothings which are not integrity, hemorrhage and ache () expense is a surgery cure.

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