Thursday, July 7, 2011

AdvanPOS Wins Computex 2011 Design & Innovation Awards

AdvanPOS, the leading POS provider, is honored to announce that two of its POS products, ABox-2120 and Force Feedback Monitor, have received Computex Taipei Design & Innovation Awards. Three of AdvanPOS products just won TAIWAN EXCELLENCE Awards this year, which include Chameleon, Z-POS and QP-1000.

Computex Taipei Design and Innovation Awards is organized by IF and Computex Taipei. 179 entries from 6 countries have registered for the Computex Taipei design & Innovation Awards 2011 and 42 entries were chosen to be awarded.

Force Feedback Monitor features the patented Force Feedback design which enhances the interest and easiness for human-machine interaction. When users press a specific key, a force feedback effect will be delivered to the user’s finger for unmistakable confirmation. It expands usability when audio and visual feedback is limited by giving the user certainty that the system is keeping up with their selections. The small footprint makes it suitable for limited workspace while the cable-less modular design enables simple peripheral connection and maintenance. The front panel is constructed of robust and recyclable aluminum with IP65 certified.

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