Thursday, July 7, 2011

Smartphone Demand


>>The company, which aims to sell 60 million smartphones this year, is estimated to have shipped 19.2 million units of such handsets in the second quarter, Charles Park, a Hong Kong-based analyst for Mizuho Securities Asia, said in a June 24 report.

Samsung’s global smartphone sales rose more than fourfold to 10.8 million units in the first quarter on the popularity of Android devices, making it the fourth-biggest seller of smartphones, according to research firm IDC Corp.

Helped by sales of Galaxy devices and lower-priced models, Samsung, the No. 2 mobile-phone maker in the world, will further narrow the gap with the market-leader Nokia OJY by the fourth quarter, NH’s Seo said in the report.

Samsung’s share in global smartphone market in the first quarter jumped to 10.8 percent from 4.3 percent a year earlier, while Nokia’s share slipped to 24.3 percent from 38.8 percent, according to IDC.

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