Friday, July 29, 2011

Android Boot Camp

The Android Bootcamp is brought you by:

Immersion Corporation


Beyondsoft Consulting Inc.


3 Advanced Android Development (starts 3:15pm)

This is composed from multiple advanced sessions.

- Adding Haptics to Android Applications 3:15pm – 4:15pm


Speakers Bio:

David Birnbaum, Senior UX Researcher

Immersion Corporation

David is an inventor and human factors expert with a background in interactive systems, embodied communication, gesture, audio, music, and haptics. For the past several years he has been focused on using haptics (touch feedback) to revolutionize the mobile user experience. Is it possible to touch your friends through your phone? How can we transmit emotion effectively through digital networks? What does it really mean for an interface to feel “real”? The experiences I design try to answer these kinds of questions. Recently, David helped design Immersion’s MOTIV platform, which brings Android OS to life with haptic feedback. I also designed the haptic experience for GuitarSolo, a downloadable Android app that feels like a real guitar.

David's talk,"Haptic Design for Mobile Apps", will focus on how to design haptic feedback to make your user interface feel intuitive, engaging, and realistic.

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