Monday, July 25, 2011

Haptics technology: picking up good vibrations

from, written by Eric Siegel, Product Marketing Engineer, Texas Instrument:

>>Over the years, Haptic systems have spread to simulation and electronic environments. Devices that allow a user to sense and feel objects in a remote (or virtual) environment have been used in excavation, building design, education, and even remote medicine.

On a more personal level, Haptics is the reason you can (or at least should be able to) enjoy silence at the movies and still get reminded of that meeting you “forgot” about, or get that text message saying you won the lottery (why you’d be text messaged that I don’t know), and not alert your neighbors. In the gaming world, Haptics lets you know when your car is starting to veer off the road or when you are taking damage in a Halo grudge match, due to the embedded actuator in your controller and the programming in the game that utilizes it.

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