Monday, August 1, 2011

CapSense/CapSensePLUS with Haptics & SmartSense COMING SOON

from HT to jedi on the IV MB:

>>Introduction to the CY3280-HEM kit:

The CY3280-HEM Kit is designed for easy evaluation of the CY8C20xx6H series of devices (to be used with a Universal CapSense Controller Kit) . This evaluation module kit is a combination of a 16-button matrix buttons and a single segment slider , along with an additional Haptics-enabled daughter card.

Introduction to the CY8C20xx6H family :

The CY8C20xx6H product family enables dynamic tactile feedback providing immediate confirmation of touch. The solution integrates Immersion TS2000 Haptics effects library for ERM (Eccentric Rotating Motor) drive control. Immersion’s 14 pre-defined effects, allow dynamic tactile feedback that enables users to experience a “touch back,” supplying intuitive yet unmistakable confirmation. This feature enables a unique bi-directional communication channel that provides tremendous benefits that include user interface paradigms that are either impossible or extremely difficult to produce without it.

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