Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cadillac CUE: GM's luxury brand ups the infotainment game


>>Capacitive Screens Finally Come to Cars

Although resistive touchscreens are the norm for most vehicles, in part to their durability, availability and low cost, Cadillac is finally bringing a fully capacitive touchscreen (think iPhone screen) to market. The engineers we spoke with admitted that the barrier to entry was much higher, requiring more time and expertise to get the screen up to automotive grade, but the results – both graphically and interactively – are a clear indication that what's succeeded in the consumer electronics space is on its way to vehicles.

But where Cadillac has upped the game is with its industry-first, proximity-sensing, haptic feedback and multi-touch interface.


The same goes for the haptic feedback setup, which integrates with the capacitive screen to give the user a subtle pulse when selecting a function or what engineers described as a "sandpaper" sensation when scrubbing through a list.

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