Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Haptic code entry to replace PIN codes at ATMs?


>>The first approach, called PhoneLock, features alphanumeric icons on a smartphone touchscreen are replaced with a set of up to 10 different tactile cues known as tactons. The tactons are placed in a circular grid that is divided into several radial segments so that when the user moves their finger over a segment the vibrate motor in the device will vibrate in a specific pattern depending on which tacton is there. The user has feels the different segments until they find the right one in a sequence they have remembered and then press an icon at the centre of the circle to enter it.

The second method, SpinLock, gives users a circular wheel that works like the dial of an old-fashioned combination safe – but instead of running their fingers around it to the appropriate number, users spin it until they feel the correct number of clicks in a sequence before running it in the other direction.

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