Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mexico Public School District

from www.mexicoledger.com:

>>The snack bar will not open prior to lunch, but several new items will be available in the breakfast line. Creech has arranged for the temporary installation of a Jamba Juice machine. Four ounces of the product, which comes in several flavors such as wild berry and strawberry banana, will come on every tray, along with a protein or grain item and milk. The new item will be available at least three days a week at first.
“Jamba Juice is a great product,” Creech said. “It is frozen fruit juice similar to a smoothie but with no milk or added ice.” If the product is popular with students, larger portions will be available for purchase during lunch.
Creech says she will have 90 days, during which the machine is being loaned to the school district free of charge, to decide if the juice is a worthy addition to the school food program.

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