Friday, February 24, 2012

Hands On With Immersion's HD Integrator


>>We listened to a clip of Jennifer Lopez's On the Floor with HD reverb effects enabled. While the song itself remains a matter of taste, there's no denying the additional punch haptic feedback has while listening, causing your phone to pulse along with the beat of the song. While you may not want to listen to music like this all the time, it's a good example of how these effects can be applied to sounds in videos or games.

Another demo introduced "layered haptics," which allows developers to deliver simultaneous distinguishable effects. A video of a rollercoaster ride, for instance, allows you to feel the movement of the coaster, the rush of the air, and even the passengers screaming from behind you. It's only a fifteen-second clip, but it's incredibly immersive. Check out a shot from the video in the slideshow above.

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