Monday, April 23, 2012

Immersion Strengthens Its Position In Japanese Smartphone Market

Read the whole article at Seeking Alpha: 

>>Last week, Immersion (IMMR) announced the launch of the haptic-enabled DoCoMo Medias ES N-05D smartphone and DoCoMo Medias Tab N-06D tablet in the Japanese market. These devices are manufactured by NEC Casio Mobile and NEC, respectively.
NTT DoCoMo is Japan's premier provider of mobile services, with roughly 60 million customers in its domestic market alone. It is one of the world's largest mobile communications operators.
NEC and NEC Casio Mobile Communications were announced as new licensees during Immersion's latest conference call:
We are also excited to announce NEC as the latest OEM to join our expanding mobile customer base, with the introduction of its first devices leveraging TouchSense 3000.

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