Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The future of touch – How haptic feedback could change mobile UX forever


>>Sheehan showed me a demo application on his Nexus S that allowed for in-app highlighting via haptics. For instance, if you have an email inbox that’s overloaded, a developer could tie in with the Immersion SDK to have an email app that produces a vibration when an important contact’s email scrolls past on your screen. The demo that I used had light vibration for the scrolling movement, but it ramped up in intensity as I got closer to the highlighted contact’s message.
It’s one of those ah-hah moments where things just made sense. Why weren’t we getting this sort of touch-intensive feedback already?
The next demo was of something that could easily be a Facebook photo gallery. While flipping through pictures, I would feel increasing levels of feedback based upon how many comments a picture had. No comments? No vibration. Numerous? A quick buzz told me that something was going on, and I should tap the picture to bring up the comments display.

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