Thursday, November 25, 2010

Equinix to use recycled water in Santa Clara


>>An Equinix facility in the Silicon Valley will become one of the few data centers in the region that use recycled water for cooling. Recycled water is not commonplace in the data center industry because although the water itself is cheaper than potable water, the belief is that there is usually an added cost to treating it.

Jerry Collier, senior director for IBX operations for the Northwest region at Equinix, said the company’s LEED-certified SV2 data center in Santa Clara, California, would be cooled by recycled water in about one month from now. He did not expect the treatment process to be more expensive than normal because the water will come to the facility extensively pre-treated.

“It’s going to [cost] less because [of] the type of water we get … in that particular site,” he said. The quality of recycled water will be higher than normal because of a new and advanced water-treatment plant launched recently by the City of San Jose, which provides recycled water in Santa Clara, he explained.

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Kathy said...

A great idea given California’s general lack of water!!

In southern California reclaimed/recycled water is used for landscape irrigation at schools, apartment complexes, parks, decorative ponds, fountains, and recreational lakes. During our prolonged droughts water districts restrict the use of drinking water for outdoor use and landscape irrigation …. continuous, year-round availability of recycled water is an economic and environment benefit.