Saturday, November 27, 2010

NYSE uses colo to spread trading footprint


>>Plans to set up as many as 40 new small data centers in financial hubs

NYSE Euronext said it will set up as many as 40 small data center facilities inside colocation centers in key financial centers around the world to increase its market connections and its technology services offered to local banks and trading firms.

It will locate space in data centers run by colocation players including Equinix, Savvis and Telx Group, removing the need to build out its own facilities.

Its large data centers in Basildon in the UK and Mahwah in the US will be used as models for the smaller colo set-ups, according to NYSE. Called ‘liquidity hubs’, these centers will follow patents used for NYSE’s two main data centers, which currently house its main trading systems.

A report by Dow Jones Newswires listed Frankfurt, Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Hong Kong as locations that have been earmarked by the exchage.


Where NYSE already has arrangement with colo players it could look to expand, according to Young. Chicago, Singapore and Brazil were named as locations earmarked for growth.

NYSE’s data centers in Mahwah, New Jersey and Basildon, just east of London were opened this year. Their construction allowed NYSE to consolidate 1- data centers to four.

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