Saturday, December 4, 2010

Equinix controls the VAST majority of the IX traffic in the US

from Nanog:

>>Uhh... Reality check, with the S&D acquisition Equinix controls the VAST
majority of the IX traffic in the US. The only other IX's doing anything
even approaching interesting traffic are NOTA (in Miami), NYIIX (in New
York), SIX (in Seattle), and the former AtlantaIX (now Telx TIE) in
Atlanta. All are regional players, with very incomplete coverage of the
important regions in the US, so if you're peering in the US you're
almost guaranteed to be dealing with Equinix. Nobody else is even
noteworthy, you can probably do more traffic than the "other" IX's by
leaving a bit torrent client running overnight.

Anyone can throw a Linksys switch in their basement and call themselves
an exchange point, but that doesn't mean anyone is going to show up and
peer there.

Richard A Steenbergen

>>Woops, yes I forgot Any2 (how'd that happen? :P). Like Telx they've
recently deployed a bunch of new exchanges "all over", but there is
really only the one that does any traffic. :)

I don't think the combined Equinix / S&D numbers are published publicly
anywhere, but I'm sure it's north of a terabit. :)

Richard A Steenbergen

>>Even combined, no. It's north of 700 Gbps though. I am assuming they have combined S&D into the graph, though:

Given that Any2 is in the 200 range, Equinix is clearly more - more than all four combined.

But all the traffic on every Equinix and PAIX switch combined, is still lower than the traffic on any one of the three
large exchanges in Europe. It really is all about the PNIs.


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