Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Macro-Processing: Why Neutral Data Centers Are the Key to Electronic Trading Infrastructure


>>By John Knuff, General Manager, Global Financial Services, Equinix

Micro-processing may have changed the world of trading forever, but on a macro scale, neutral data centers have emerged as the cornerstone of the ever-expanding world of financial markets.

Neutral data centers are owned and operated independently and therefore do not compete with the networks, managed service and other offerings offered by the companies who locate within those data centers. This neutral stance is attractive to a wide range of networks and financial services companies, all of whom benefit from the extensive connectivity options available inside the data center, as well as the close proximity to one another. The resulting financial ecosystems inside these neutral facilities act as macro-processing hubs, solving for the combined issues of complexity, bandwidth, and throughput demands which were toppling the distributed model that preceded them.

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