Friday, December 24, 2010

Peak Web Hosting Offers a Solution to Holiday Server Slowdowns

Press Release, from Benzinga:


Peak Web Hosting, the pre-eminent managed hosting and private enterprise cloud provider, announces its expansion into the Equinix Washington DC (DC5) International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center campus to optimize the performance of online shopping during the peak holiday season.

The holiday season online traffic peak brings with its celebrations much higher system loads and server errors, network slowdowns and occasional outages. The problems always seem to arrive when traffic is at its highest and staff is on vacation. The surge in e-commerce traffic bogs down countless online retailers and reveals shortcomings in back-end infrastructure and system redundancy. By leveraging bi-coastal data centers with multiple ten-gigabit connectivity options, Peak Web Hosting provides its customers with the redundancy and capacity to accommodate the largest swings in network traffic.

“We take uptime seriously,” explains CEO Jeffrey Papen. “Since its inception, Peak Web Hosting has delivered the scalable, redundant solutions critical to the capacity planning requirements of enterprise production environments, especially at this time of year.”

Despite the recent and challenging economic times, Peak Web Hosting has continued its North American expansion to satisfy customer needs. The clients moving into new datacenters are looking for enterprise-class services to provide their organizations flexibility, capacity, and a 100%-uptime commitment. Having access to fully managed hosting and private enterprise cloud environments on both coasts allow clients to take advantage of mission-critical services where uptime and performance are priorities. Peak Web Hosting employs a highly redundant local computing architecture that is easily deployed in multiple data centers.

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