Monday, January 17, 2011

Data center to boost Deutsche Börse trading speeds


>>Deutsche Börse is preparing to switch its Xetra trading platform to a hi-tech data center in Frankfurt to better accommodate the algorithmic traders who are changing the way shares are bought and sold.

Deutsche Börse will switch its trading engines to a Frankfurt-based data center owned by Equinix, a global provider of data center services. The move will provide faster trading services to high-frequency traders who use computer-based algorithms to power trading strategies.

"There will be one single hub for all the trading systems of Deutsche Börse and the financial community," said Matthias Kluber, executive vice president and head of networks and infrastructure at Deutsche Börse Systems. "It is a bit like the floor of the old days but it is computers rather than people who are now talking to each other under one roof."


Sources at Deutsche Börse said the exchange's Xetra cash market will move first in the summer to the Equinix data center, which will have completed a 12 million euro upgrade of its Frankfurt site.

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