Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Repositioning the data centre as a platform: Equinix


>>According to Appleby, only about 20% of cloud ecosystems are limited to inside the data centre where
the cloud operators and services can connect to each other. That leaves 80% of the revenue – an opportunity
estimated to be worth around US$6 billion – from the cloud space open for network service providers.
“If you think about our sites as a digital marketplace, think about what services you can sell to the
4,000 customers we have in our data centres,” he said.
At the same time, the community nature of these platforms also helps service providers in their development
of services.
“Ultimately if you want to sell service enablement, there’s a lot of partners who are in our centre – we
have over 200 cloud and SaaS providers in our data centres, we have over 300 managed service providers,
we have most of the systems integrators and we have over 600 network providers already in our centres,”
he said. “These are the foundations of the digital market place.”
As a result of this transformation of data centres into service-oriented platforms, data centre operations
can no longer be limited to single sites or markets, Appleby asserted. “Over the last two years, customers
have come to us looking for a one-stop shop solution where they can easily go worldwide. Over 50% of
our revenues now are customers who are multi-region, and 70% of our revenue is global customers.”

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