Friday, August 7, 2009

Fisher Plaza update

from the Yahoo MB:

>>Heard back from Inap on the Fisher SLA...looks like we are getting about a 20% credit for the month. I'm a bit underwhelmed (as expected). FWIW, as of this week, the facility is back on 'interim' city power. We got hit with another power event that affected half of our gear as they transitioned from the generators to the temporary city feed (thank goodness for the redundant power drops / servers). Still no ETA on when the final redesigned power solution will be in place. I really wish they could keep the lights on!
We're down to a short list of new colo options...Inap's Tukwilla (Sabey) facility is still in the running but at this point I'd guess we'll be contributing to next quarter's churn.

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