Saturday, August 8, 2009

Steve Kiene


>>Where do you get this "millions of dollars" statement?

No one but a few Internap employees know the CDN engineering budget, so you're just making up numbers. Do you know how many people comprise the CDN engineering team? A lot fewer than you think. I can ensure you that the work we did resulted in cost savings far in excess of the cost of salaries for the CDN engineering team.

Ask companies like Ustream and Softlayer what we accomplished while I was at Internap. None of those companies would be customers today if not for the work of my team.

We rebuilt nearly the entire CDN in a year at a cost of less than 1/100 of what Dan Rayburn says it costs to build a CDN. We rebuilt things so that they actually worked for our customers in a reliable manner, resulting in landing many new CDN customers.

And, in case you forgot, I quit- I was not fired or asked to leave. In fact, I was asked more than once to reconsider my departure- to the point where the door is open for me to return if I so choose.

I was the largest individual shareholder and I didn't waste the shareholder's money. I ran a team as lean as I could and we did as much as we could to reduce operating costs.

I spent over $28k of my own money on things like taking folks to conferences, buying development tools, desks, computers, and lots of other things that the company could have paid for- but weren't considered essential so I didn't feel right in making the company pay for them.

To claim that I just siphoned money from the company is plain wrong.

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