Saturday, August 8, 2009

Internap outage in Boston, twitter...

various twitter sources...

neilschelly Internap BSN is back online and my servers never went down. They were certainly inaccessible, but uptimes indicate they never lost power.

maractwin #internap boston appears to be back online

n1zyy And just like that, Internap in Somerville (BSN) is back online.

rustyszurek #Internap response - At this time we are investigating a connectivity outage to the BSN and BSN003 faclities.

westher @librarythingtim I'm not really a techie, does #internap explain why I can't get to any LT servers?

maractwin Waiting for #internap in Boston to come back online. I've got a dozen servers that are dark.

n1zyy @johndalton: "InternapNap" -- finding that way too funny as I sit here twiddling my thumbs waiting for Internap to come back online.

hndalton Finally received email confirming a total #internap #outage in Boston. #internapnap

neilschelly I just got confirmation (took awhile on the phone) that Internap BSN is down and has no idea when power will be back or why it went away.

n1zyy @johndalton: Yup, same findings here: Nagios going off the hook because Internap in Somerville is offline.

johndalton Seems that #internap may have DC-wide #outage in BSN003 - can anyone confirm?

fps81 hosts within 69.25.205-69.25.207 appear to have fallen off the internet. Good job Internap. I wasn't interested in sleep tonight anyway.

librarythingtim @slack2daze @JSatrape @johndalton Share anything you find out about the Internap nap?

librarythingtim Apparently our colo—the ironically named "internap"—is down for everyone.

JSatrape @slack2daze Internap isn't even answering the phone. :(

JSatrape Anyone else having massive issues with Internap's Boston colo?


(Actually I suspect it was a drastic equipment failure - they said "The power event was limited to DC power systems that provide power to the Internap PNAP and not customer UPS systems." Still waiting to hear the full story..)

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