Friday, August 7, 2009

more by Steve Keine...

having said I believe management shouldn't write on a message board, here's the latest from the Yahoo MB:

>>I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Sullivan. He allowed me to build and run a team the way I felt was best and he always tried to drive things forward at Internap. He spent a lot of energy "running interference" for me so my team could get things done. Everything he told me was true, he never played political games, and he was determined to bring focus to the CDN. His departure made me absolutely confident that I made the right decision to leave. If I hadn't resigned prior to his departure, I would have done so immediately after his departure.

I'll work with him again in a heartbeat if the opportunity is available.

I'm purposely not answering your question. If folks think Tim leaving was a good thing, then they probably should view my leaving as a good thing too. However, if they think my leaving was a bad thing, then they would probably view his departure as a bad thing as well.

The current direction/future of the CDN happened because of Tim's direction- it started last year. Of course, he'll get no credit for it because most folks think major shifts happen overnight. They don't realize when you're fighting uphill it takes months to make headway.

One thing that no one has noticed- there's no management left outside of Atlanta. Everyone in management who wasn't in Atlanta is gone.

>>I don't think there's a clear answer, and not being in Atlanta meant I couldn't observe most of the folks.

My morale dropped to an all-time low- to the point where I dreaded coming into work. Contrast that with a few months ago when I was working 100 hours a week and enjoying it.

Folks can say what they want about DeBlasio, but the man never lied to me, never hid facts from me, treated me with respect, and virtually always approved the things I asked for to do my job. He knew he wasn't a visionary in the CDN market so he let me quietly lead the direction and supported it in other areas of the company. He never made a hasty/reactionary decision. Hard for me to ask for more in a CEO.

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