Sunday, January 30, 2011

Equinix SV5 Data Center


>>Sheehan Partners Architecture/SP-ARCH of Chicago along with other consultants on this project hired me to photograph the exterior and interior of their SV5 Data Center finished in November on 2010.

You'll notice that in the final design the once smooth black steel preform wall which house the generators adds to it a more pronounced staggered/ribbed pattern.

Here is a view from the roof looking west towards the Santa Cruz mountains. Only half of the roof is outfitted with cooling equipment as of yet.

The inside of the SV5 Data Center glows a futuristic blue color which is an integral part of Equinix's branding. Here are two views of the interior conference rooms, mezzanine, and lounge. They even have a free arcade for guest or employees to use.

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