Sunday, June 8, 2008

Systems and Methods for Casino Gaming Haptics

A patent application related to haptic and casino gaming (via IV):

Systems and Methods for Casino Gaming Haptics


Systems, methods, and products for self-contained casino gaming haptics are disclosed. For example, one disclosed system for casino gaming haptics includes a touch-sensitive input device configured to sense a contact from a user; an actuator coupled to the touch-sensitive input device, the actuator configured to output a haptic effect to the touch-sensitive input device; and a processor in communication with the touch-sensitive input device and the actuator, the processor configured to: generate a display signal configured to cause an image associated with a casino game to be displayed; receive an input signal from the touch-sensitive input device associated with the contact; determine an interaction between the contact and the image; and generate an actuator signal associated with the interaction, the actuator signal configured to cause the actuator to generate a haptic effect.

March 13, 2008

Assignee Name and Adress: Immersion Corporation

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