Saturday, June 14, 2008

IP Traffic and Pricing Trends

An interesting comment from: Telecom Ramblings

>>Here it is:

Internap's IP/Data Revenues

As you can see, Internap’s IP revenue was dead flat for two years at $25M quarterly, nothing could budge it. Then, in 2006, something happened at last - yes, traffic grew faster than pricing declined - and since then Internap has been doing better and better. At least until last quarter when they screwed up their integration of the Vitalstream CDN business and there was collateral damage.

In my book, this is evidence for Dan’s case, that in mid 2006 there was a resurgence in this sector. One that continues today, Cogent’s and Level 3’s pecadillos not withstanding. But that growth, while real, remains a bit weak yet - about 10% a year at Internap for the last two years. Their real growth product these days is colocation.

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