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ZapMyTV - Internap

Internap issued a P/R about ZapMyTv. The Company will start offering "its triple revenue service over the next two quarters". As there is no link to a web site, and Google brings no more than Internap's P/R itself, right now, it's a guessing game... :-)
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ZapMyTV investor contact:
Al Colucci, 610-623-5420

DBC web site is under construction.

>>Digital Broadcast Corporation was founded on April 5, 1995.

We have one operational system, in Roanoke, Virginia, which provides service
under the name AirCable America. We are launching additional
systems this year, starting with Mobile, Alabama and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre,
Pennsylvania. At present, we own MMDS licensing and have ITFS alliances in 8
markets nationwide, with the expectation of developing 25 to 30 more markets
over the next 3 years. Our developmental partner for AirCable America is
Decathlon Communications, Inc., of Denver, Colorado. As our corporate name
implies, we provide digital, as opposed to analog, services. We
are relatively unknown to ITFS licensees because we have spent years quietly
developing, with Decathlon, the only commercially viable 10:1 digital
compression technology known to mankind, for which we have exclusive rights. In
other words, 4 channels to us are actually 40.

Welcome to Air Cable America.

Thank you for visiting our website. We are preparing a completely new website in order to serve the rapidly growing demand we've experienced over the last few years!

some testimonials:

>>When I first decided to go with AirCable
I wondered if it would have the same
quality of service as other cable companies. I was pleasantly
surprised. Not only was the quality good but the service was better.

>>Hi Gary. Ralph and I are so excited about the future of DBC after hearing your
conference call this week! We never lost fait, and based on the early information
about DBC, we would have been satisfied with the early predictions of success!...
But now!!! I can't wait to see the impact the internet technology will have on the
world.If I were just coming in to DBC today, the predictability for massive
success is so much greater than when I came aboard in 2000. I saw the potential
way back then, and invested the whole retirement fund! My CFP
just gulped and reminded me that it wasn't so smart to liquidate everything to a
company that I was just learning about... but, Gary,
you don't meet many leaders like you in ANY industry.. and I wanted to be on your
team!! Smart me, eh?? Look at us now!! When I told my
advisors that DBC was my retirement, they should have asked for investment
information for themselves... but they weren't smart enough
then!! We're proud and excited to be on your team, Gary... I wish the old
coach was still around to see where
we have come. He encouraged me to follow my gut feeling and go with you back
then, and he would be smiling as broadly as i am today if he could
see where all your hard work and persistence has carried you... and us, as
investors. God Bless you my friend, I'm Thrilled to be a part of
this DBC family!!
Lyle Gillman

Digital Broadcast Corporation, a low cost/high quality provider of digital
wireless television programming under the trade name AirCable America, announced
today that it has been granted leave of court to amend its complaint to allege $200
million in damages against Miami-based securities firm,
Ladenburg Thalmann & Co. and others. The amended complaint, which seeks $150 million
in compensatory damages and $50 million in punitive damages, alleges fraud, breach
of fiduciary duty, and breach of contract in connection with a failed private
placement of stock. Multiple motions to dismiss the complaint have been denied.
The case is pending in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New
York, before Justice Richard B. Lowe III.

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