Sunday, June 15, 2008

Outage in San Jose, California - Internap

We’ve had a major outage on Friday evening in our San Jose, CA data center. Our data center provider tells us that its the biggest in 11 years. This was our own biggest outage to date. It turns out it was a configuration issue that happened at Internap that had caused this problem (we use Internap bandwidth). No hardware had failed.

I am not sure why Internap did not know that this change had caused a major network outage, until our network provider escalated - that too after a long time. Internap is a premium provider, so this is a question we are still waiting to hear back from our network provider/Internap. It is unacceptable.

To our customers - I am very dissapointed and concerned with what had happened. is a startup, and is marketing to high quality hosting market. So, this kind of thing just throws the work we do, out the door, especially since we put in a lot of money to maximize reliability on the servers themselves. Sorry!

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