Wednesday, June 18, 2008

uWink opening with Atari founder NOLAN BUSHNELL

>>COIN-OP TV explores the new uWink restaurant which opens this week in Hollywood, California. This new high tech restaurant promises to be a great social environment and the talk of the town! So how does it stack up upon first impressions? Pretty smooth indeed.


But food is not the main attraction at uWink. It’s all about hanging out and playing video games. While waiting for meals you can challenge your friends in a variety of casual games and trivia. The games are linked up so you can play a large game of trivia with all your friends or even with strangers. Being a social environment and ‘breaking the ice’ is founder Nolan Bushnell’s main objective with uWink and that it does! We shot hoops, looked up our horoscopes and attempted some of the trivia - which was harder then expected

uWink’s first restaurant in Woodland Hills is in a charming but quiet mall west of Los Angeles. This Hollywood location resides in the Kodak Center and is easy access for tourists and locals and expects an abundance of traffic. If you are in the area - be sure to check things out as you won’t soon forget the unique experience of a uWink restaurant!

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