Monday, June 16, 2008

WSJ - Samsung's Instinct Doesn't Ring True As an iPhone Clone

>>The iPhone, along with some competitors like the BlackBerry, are really hand-held computers that happen to make voice calls. And they're getting more powerful and innovative. So far, competitors like the Instinct, while trying to look like iPhones, are still mainly voice devices with so-so computing features tacked on.

For instance, while the Instinct is a touch-screen device, it lacks the iPhone's "multi-touch" system, which includes features that recognize multiple fingers and gestures, and allows actions like shrinking a photo by "pinching" it. The touch system on the Instinct is more like that on an ancient ATM than a cutting-edge gadget, even though it has a gimmicky feedback mechanism that gives you a tiny vibration-jolt when you press an icon.

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