Monday, June 16, 2008

SAMSUNG Anycall TOUCHWiZ F488 launch party

via cellodude at IV:

Hong Kong - Samsung Electronics, the official Worldwide Partner of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in wireless communications equipment, today launched its Full Touch Screen Phone – SAMSUNG Anycall TOUCHWiZ F488 at the renowned Watermark restaurant located at Central Pier no.7.


Creative interaction games allows one to experience first hand the unique TOUCHWiZ User Interface of the SAMSUNG Anycall TOUCHWiZ F488. Thus, SAMSUNG Anycall TOUCHWiZ F488 replicated photo hunt games were arranged within the 3000 square meter waterfront venue for guests to touch and feel this unique feature of the TOUCHWiZ F488. To further trigger one’s desire towards SAMSUNG Anycall TOUCHWiZ F488, a striking dance is performed by a team of professional dancers. The choreography is based entirely on the haptic feedback concept of the phone, which gives the users a vibration feedback when the screen is touched. All in all, this is one splendid event where one can experience and be immersed in the unique features of SAMSUNG Anycall TOUCHWiZ F488 in real life!

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